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MedReview Info

Polypharmacy, defined as the intake of more than five medications, is especially prevalent among older people. Polypharmacy can increase the risk of drug interactions, adverse drug events and hospitalisation, increasing medical costs. Polypharmacy also increases the risk of consuming potentially inappropriate medications which may increase the frequency of falls and mortality while worsening cognitive impairment and disability among older people. Medication reviews optimise medicine use among older people to ensure appropriateness and safety and improve quality of life.

The aim of the web-based MedReview Tool is to assist health care professionals, especially pharmacists, to perform medication reviews for older people. The MedReview Tool provides the user with two platforms (i.e. questionnaires) to perform a medication review:

  1. Simple Questionnaire, which is a checklist to ensure the user covers all components that are fundamental in a medication review
  2. Guided Questionnaire, which is a stepwise approach that guides the user through a comprehensive medication review process

Access to the MedReview Tool is free and only requires registration via an e-mail address; this will allow a summary of the results of the questionnaire(s) to be e-mailed to the user. Please check your ‘Junk folder’ if you do not receive the e-mail in your Inbox. Data will not be stored in the MedReview Tool for privacy reasons.

The user (e.g. pharmacist) may select to use one or both questionnaires and will be guided by prompts in the software. The questionnaires will generate a score (/10) for each medicine, which reflects the number of potential issues associated with that medicine, and a summary email. The summary email will contain information entered by the user such as Patient (first name), and the Medication Average Score (MAS) out of 10 which can be used as a periodical monitoring tool of medicines use.